Concrete, the world’s most commonly used construction material, requires protection from aggressive factors, whether it is used to construct a sewer pipe, tunnel, wall in sewerage insulation, or civil foundations in salty or corrosive soils.

Doha Waterproof Factory (DWF) is established in Qatar 2014 as the First and the leading manufacturer and supply of high quality plastic lining system.

– HDPE Geomembrane sheet
– HDPE Textured Geomembrane sheet
– T-Lock HDPE Liner
– V-Stud HDPE Liner
– HDPE Welding Rod

Which are widely used for protection of concrete pipes and structures in infrastructure development project throughout the gulf region.

Doha Waterproof factory supplies PE welding rod for extrusion welding. Polyethylene welding wire is often used for repairing gouges in HDPE pipe or sheet, or welding outlets on HDPE joints.

The polyethylene plastic welding rod is made from high grade polyethylene and color masterbatch through heating, plasticizing and extrusion process.

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